Boarding Priorities # 2 & 3 – Cleanliness and No Drama

Thanks for the great feedback and info shared re priority one (high quality, consistent care) in our boarding blog series.*

Today I’m discussing your second and third priorities:

  • Cleanliness, and
  • No Drama

Lets’s start with cleanliness. My friends will laugh at me writing a cleanliness post, but I have to say, I’m much happier doing barn work than house work :).


This one made me pause to think. As I read through the survey responses I realized that cleanliness is how people describe some critical aspects of a good boarding barn. It’s a sign that the facility:

  • is well managed
  • pays attention to detail
  • consistently provides horses with clean stalls and water
  • feels pleasant and comfortable

This is the perfect time of year to tackle barn cleanliness and set the stage for a well organized season. We’re planning our spring clean up here at Five Fires, and this is one of the best articles I found to help with the plan.

We all hate cleaning up after whoever used the arena before us or looking every where for a needed tool… and if this is how managers run their barn it’s easy to feel like they might not be taking the time to provide the best care for your horse.

But when you walk into a barn that’s clean, tidy and easy to use… you know deep inside that this attention to detail probably also spills over into everything they do, which means you can show up and have a great time with your horse without the fuss.

Heated buckets, piles of hay built up around the round bale storage area, left over bags of salt and sand – you’re history! Spring landscaping – you’re up (more in a future post).

It probably comes as no surprise that no drama is high on everyone’s list of barn priorities. You pay a lot of money so that you have a refuge in the barn – a place that’s warm, supportive and recharges your batteries.


It isn’t always easy to keep drama out of a barn. Here at Five Fires we’ve gone for long periods of time being blissed out in the barn :), but occasionally it happens.

There’s lots of good advice on line about dealing with barn drama:

A key drama feeder – unsolicited opinions…


Stay tuned for priorities # 4 and 5 – Price and Turn Out.

Happy boarding everyone!



*This series discusses the results of our February, 2016 Boarding Survey.