Hosting A Legend

I won’t lie – having the opportunity to bring one of the world’s leading experts in dressage to our little corner of the world is thrilling, but also initially overwhelming. What are the chances he’d come here, not once but regularly?

Given that he travels the world almost non-stop, teaching exclusively (almost) professionals throughout Europe, why does he come? These are some of the questions clinic participants ask. Will I work up the courage to ask him this time, or just keep my fingers crossed that he’ll keep coming? Stay tuned – I’ll report back after the clinic in May :).

Here, just for your interest, are some of the contrasts we bring to his life:

  1. Arthur coaches riders (including his daughters – successful at the international level on warm bloods they breed) at Glock’s International Dressage Trophy Competition. Having designed and built one of the most luxurious equestrian centre’s in the world, Glock sponsors Edward Gal (Totallis’s trainer and rider during his most successful period) and stands world famous stallions including the rising star Glock’s Toto Junior.

Here’s a video of one of the competitions which outlines some of their amenities:


  • Horses entering the ring on a red carpet
  • Massages available for horses AND people
  • Gourmet food and drink

It’s a long way from Nova Scotia, or even Canada.

  1. Arthur has coached a multiple Olympic medal winner. How many clinicians coming to Nova Scotia have done this? How many in Canada? In North America? olympic symbol
  2. Arthur rode at the Spanish Riding School for over forty years, many of them as Chief Head Rider. Need I say more? Find me someone more knowledgeable. Yeah, a living legend.

arthur-kottas2 (1)

  1. Arthur head lined a speakers’ panel as well as giving demonstrations at the Adequan Global Dressage Forum in Wellington, Florida (the premier dressage event in North America and one of the best in the world). Here’s an excerpt from their website, along with a photo:

“GDFNA News:   As part of the two day intense program, GDFNA panelists Anne Gribbons, Kathy Connelly, Betsy Steiner, Leslie Reid, Jan Ebeling, Felicitas von Neumann will presenting a debate of questions and curiosities to world famous dressage trainer Arthur Kottas during his live demonstration for Work in Hand. Arthur Kottas will perform a 90 minute segment with a speech on his philosophies and methods to the training of dressage horses, a live demonstration with Work in Hand techniques followed by a debate made up of a 6 member panel and finally concluding with questions from the audience.”

AK Global DF

So yes, it can be a little intimidating. The first time he came I was so sick with anxiety about hosting – was our venue good enough? did I have everything organized well enough? – that I couldn’t enjoy my lessons. Since then it’s come full circle and now – well my Arthur lessons are euphoric experiences, even when he’s a little tough. I’ll tell you more about that in the future :).

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in participating in the May 1 to 3 clinic as a rider or auditor please see the event page. Thanks!