Rewarding Boarding – Big Summer Rewards For Our Boarding Partners

~ And how you can get in on the deals…


Morning sun lights up the arena, viewed from the second floor gallery.

We like our boarding business :). With the right people – the partner we talked about in our previous post – we love creating and maintaining a welcoming home for horses and their owners. So….

We want to reward our current boarders for their business – they’re the partners we are looking for. We also have a limited number of stalls for more boarders (we reserve many of our stalls for events) and we’re offering new partners the same great deal. I feel safe in saying it’s the best deal going for boarding in Nova Scotia. You won’t find one close to this, comparing apples to apples.

We are actually offering our premium boarding for:

  • $320 / month (+HST) for the months of June, July, August, September!

  • And for those who board at least one of those months, reduced boarding for the remainder of the year – $435 + HST (compared to $455 + HST for those who don’t board during the summer)

There are conditions though. Remember, we’re looking for people who want partnership in boarding – people who feel ownership for a positive barn environment and all that it means. This is what we’re looking for:

  • People who believe in life long learning about and with their horse. For example taking lessons or attending clinics, seeking out trainers to meet their needs, etc.
  • People who can provide a reference from a vet, farrier, trainer, or other certified horse professional.
  • People who will consider having their horse stay in an outside paddock during events, so that their stall can be used (this isn’t mandatory).
  • People who embrace the idea of a mutually supportive barn environment where everyone feels welcome.

To acquire one of these limited, premium boarding spots at the reduced summer rate please email Carol at or text her at (902)956-2013.