Registered 2013 Hanoverian Filly By Bellisimo M

SOLD – Bellatima is pursuing a dressage career in Indiana. Congratulations Keersten Meinzen Nichols!

Our outstanding, imported elite mare Diotima produced a world class filly in 2013 – Bellatima.

Bellatima is by Bellisimo M, one of the most sought after and successful sport horse sires in the world.  He was champion of his 30 day stallion testing, ranking first in dressage with 9.63 and first in jumping with 8.77!

Belissimo M

The offpring of Belissimo M set records: Nine stallion performance test winners and three vice performance test winners from the first few crops is probably a world record! In addition, there are five Bundeschampions and, with Blickpunkt, there is a double bronze medal winner of the World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden. Currently, Callaho’s Benicio – the eponymous hero of the 2011 Hanoverian licensing in Verden – became, with fantastic scores, Bundeschampion of the six-year-old dressage horses in Warendorf. Benicio also won his stallion performance test with 9.88 in dressage (a 10.0 for trot, walk and canter each) and an 8.43 for jumping!

Belissimo M has produced more championship winners, and many highly priced auction horses such as his daughter, Belandra, who sold for 572,000 Euro to Denmark at the PSI Auction in Ankum. All are the result of Belissimo M’s resounding inheritance of riding quality. In 2011, his oldest offspring competed in the advanced class for the first time – already five of them were successful at this stage, several times even as winners.

Until the end of the last year, Belissimo M already presented 42 licensed sons including numerous premium stallions in Hanover (310,000 Euro top-prized Bentley), Oldenburg, Westphalia, and Austria where Bellheim became the champion stallion. Furthermore, there are already 80 state premium mares, including the champion mares of Hanover and Bavaria, as well as the 2009 champion mare of Westphalia, Brillante, and the 2011 reserve champion mare, Bella Vista.


Bellatima is 16.2+ and still growing. She has a very sweet temperament, learns faster than any horse I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and has lofty, floating gaits. She will be someone’s horse of a lifetime and will achieve any goals put before her.