Lessons with Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser is known for her superb ability to improve rider effectiveness in training their horse. A very talented FEI level rider herself (she rides regularly with international clinicians Cindy Ishoy and Arthur Kottas), she is also extremely capable with lower level horses. Please see our blog post about her 2016 season competing her training level horse (she backed him as well), when she earned twenty scores of eight for her riding and many championships.

Jane Fraser on her horse Juno. They were Training Level division champions at Bromont in 2016, earning a score of 80% and many scores of 70+.

Jane is trained in learning theory. Ever wonder why you keep making the same mistakes – ie leaning over, and bending to the inside… Jane knows why and she’ll help you fix it.

Jane teaches both English and Western Dressage.

Jane teaches regularly at Five Fires every Tuesday afternoon and many weekends. Private lessons are $70 and semi-privates are $45. The trailer in fee for non boarders is $25.

Here’s a slideshow of one of our lesson days:

Please contact Carol (text 902-956-2013 or email carol@fivefires.ca) for information about lessons dates. Everyone welcome! We also offer free auditing. Come to our heated / air conditioned viewing room to have a coffee and watch! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and we’d love to meet you.